Garrett in #64! :D



heeehehehehehe this one made me laugh like an idiot. 

How the signs respond to “I love you”


Aries- I love you MORE
Gemini- I love… cake.
Cancer- for how long?
Leo-  Well, why wouldn’t you?
Virgo- Thank you
Libra- I have to pee.
Scorpio- Mhm
Sagittarius- No, I love YOUUUUU
Capricorn- I know.
Aquarius- What even is love?
Pisces- Huh?

I still need to do a couple of palette challenges and I haven’t forgotten them. I’m just… so.. tired..

I will do them as soon as I have gained some energy…

I’ve always just been obsessed with acting. I like reading, but I can’t play any instruments. I can sing, but I have like a third-grade drawing level, so it’s always been about acting.
Cesare Borgia in 51? :3


Shy~ If your still doing this... Thief's talking skull in 10?

thank you for this awesome idea, anon!! This was so much funnnnn! <3


Walking through fields of gold
In the distance, bombs can fall

Arno in palette #48 for marsiesinclair :)


If 18 or 20 palettes wasn’t enough, I present to you: my 100 Palette Challenge! This is a collection of some of my favourite palettes from color-palettes and Adobe Kuler and I thought it would be really fun to have a huge variety of palettes to chose from

If you would like to participate in this challenge, I ask that you DO NOT repost this anywhere else, including deviantART; please REBLOG this instead! I have the challenge uploaded to deviantART as well, so please check it out there if you want to do it on deviantART!

Here’s some of the drawings I’ve done with a few of these palettes c:

I was going through your blog ( because I haven't seen your posts often on my dash ;w; ) and that one post with Garrett petting the racoon was tagged "can this racoon petting Garrett get 1000 notes???" and I laughed so hard I choked. I'm going to draw this.

Hahahah omg I thought I was being lame. But good that you at least found it funny. I would love to see your drawing :)

I got a bunch of pallettes and characters sent to my ask over night! Thank you so much! I’m gonna draw them all when I get home later today